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After developing a web page, developer next job would be validating that page to comply with the web standards. While developing a page you might miss out somethings, like to put on a link for a text. I do recommend on of the tool [A1 Web Analyzer] which is very easy to check the links whether the respective links were broken in any case and this tool can also be used to analyze a website very easily. You can see my older post on some of the Recommended tools to find broken links in your website.

A1 Web Analyzer:

With A1 Web Analyzer you can spell check, improve internal linking, validate your HTML and CSS, verify all pages have Google Analytics Installed and with this tool.

A1 Web Analyzer is a website and link analysis tool. It can show you broken links, file sizes, response codes, download times and similar of all pages in a website. If configured so, it can also HTML and CSS validate (using either W3C or Tidy), spell check and perform custom search for text/patterns throughout entire website.

For people focusing on SEO, it can calculate how internal link juice flows around the website. (This is useful if you want to ensure your website links your important website areas and pages the most.)

A1 Website Analyzer

It has got unique features like:

  • HTML and CSS validate all pages within a website for errors.
  • Have link checker tool find and show broken links and broken redirects.
  • Analyze file sizes, response codes, download times etc. of all pages.
  • Optimize internal linking to focus link juice on pages you want indexed.
  • Broken links: Link analysis and validation ensures your website has no broken links.
  • HTML errors: HTML validator ensures pages are crawled and shown correctly.
  • CSS errors: CSS validator ensures visual elements render correctly in browsers.
  • Response time: Can the webserver respond to multiple concurrent requests?
  • Download time: Is the webserver CPU or bandwidth too slow at serving files?
  • Character set: If a page outputs this wrong, it can hinder indexing by search engines.
  • File size: Optimize bandwidth usage and download time caused by large pages and images.
  • PageRank sculpting: Have link juice flow to pages you want ranking high in search engines.
  • Page titles: Check if all page titles are optimized and none are duplicated.
  • META description: Verify page META description and keywords are relevant and optimized.
  • Custom search: Search and check all pages for custom text and code, e.g. Google Analytics.
  • Spell check: Check websites for spelling errors using a variety of spell checker dictionaries.

If you would like to know more about the same then move to A1 Website Analyzer website and analyze on how it works.

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