How to: Crop 10 or more images to a defined size using actions and batch processing in Adobe Photoshop

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This post will help you in brushing up your Photoshop Skills or if you are a beginner this might help you in learning Photoshop Tricks.

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After going through this article, you might help yourself in resolving a big task in mins that is, If you want to crop 1000 or more images within notime then Batch Processing option in Photoshop will help you in that aspect. Before implementing, you might be aware of knowing about Actions in Photoshop. How an Action can be recorded / played as per the requirement. We can even save the respective action locally and can re-use of those actions again and again in your projects.

Before we jump into Batch Processing option, need to know about Actions in Photoshop:

So What are Actions in Adobe Photoshop, how its going to use in our designing UI Screens.

Actions in Photoshop: I would like to say that, Actions feature is a powerful feature that has been introduced in Photoshop for helping us to perform repetitive tasks (re-use) automatically.

How to record an Action:

To record an action, we need to use Actions Palette (that is from Window Menu (in Photoshop Tool) -> Actions), it opens Actions Pane, To create a new Action – click on the icon provided beside delete icon in the bottom of the respective Actions pane. Give a valid name to the action which you are creating and then record each and every step of what you are about to perform (For Example: If you want to Crop an Image, Just open the respective image in Photoshop, do necessary changes that is press Ctrl+T – for cropping, and enter necessary dimensions in Width and Height options provided at the top and Ctrl+Enter for accepting the dimensions of your cropping (or) you can click on the Tick Mark Provided to accept the dimensions for cropping.) Make sure, you are recording the necessary steps in the Actions Pane. Save the respective file after cropping (that is Save to Web Option in File menu (or) press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S), Once the process is done please do close the image window on which you have worked on. Once done, stop the Action Recording.

That’s it, now you are ready to crop a single image manually by playing the respective action which you have recorded. If you want to crop 1000 or more images, then we need to use Batch Processing option in Photoshop.

Check out the visuals on How to record an Action:

Step 1: Window Menu  -> Actions (or) Alt+F9

Step 2: Creating a New Set of Action









Step 3: Recording an Action (Cropping of an Image)







Step 4: Stop Recording an Action



Above steps are for creating a sample Action (Cropping an Image), if you search web you can get awesome free Actions available which can be downloaded and make use of it. I searched the web for you, here are some of the best links which you would like to Bookmark it. Might help you in other projects…

The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions: 124+ Free Photoshop Actions to Boost Your Designs

Photoshop Actions

60 Photoshop Actions for Photo Touch-Ups and Enhancements

40+ Special Effects Photoshop Actions

Batch Processing Option in Photoshop:

Step: Goto File -> Automate -> Batch…, below image will depict the same – it showcases everything, on what you have to do next.



By going through the above post, you will be familier with

1. On how we can create / record Actions in Adobe Photoshop
2. On how extensively you can implement Batch Processing option


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